Bumper list of North West England & North Wales craft fairs 2015

Welcome to our giant list of art and craft fairs and markets in North Wales and the North West. We've spent ages winnowing out all the fairs that we think might be worthwhile for our landscape photography business, so we thought we'd save you from having to spend time doing the same thing.

The spreadsheet provides details of almost 100 fairs that we've managed to find for the year, so feel free to download it (it's completely free of charge!) and see which events have a good fit with your business. Download it here.

The list contains:

  • The location of each fair or market;
  • A link to the organisers' websites;
  • A column in which you can add the stall cost of any fairs you like the look of;
  • A column in which you can add the distance (make sure you include a round trip) from your base to each fair;
  • A formula that uses the distance figure to calculate your travel costs to each fair, based on the HMRC rating of 45p per mile;
  • A column that calculates the amount you'd have to make each day to break even (excluding product costs), using your travel costs and the stall cost.

The last items are, of course, really important in making sure that every fair you do is a profitable one.

Some of the fairs listed still show their 2014 details on the organisers' websites; we've marked these as '2014' but are assuming they'll be on again this year at roughly the same date and location.

No doubt we've missed some fairs out, so if you know of any good ones please do let us know and we'll credit you for the information.

Happy selling!

Download the list of art and craft fairs here.