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We're delighted to announce the launch of our new charity initiative, 'Fundraising Fridays', and we're inviting local charities to sign up. On Fundraising Fridays, usually the first Friday of every month, the studio will hold mini portrait sessions in aid of a local charity or fundraising scheme.

A four-legged model raising funds at our dog portrait mini sessions for the Dogs Trust

A four-legged model raising funds at our dog portrait mini sessions for the Dogs Trust

How will it work?

We will close the studio one Friday every month to leave the entire space free for the charity mini sessions. Members of the public can book one of the half hour portrait sessions, which will run throughout the day. Each Fundraising Friday will have a theme; we’ve got plenty of ideas from Disney princesses to pet portraits, so we’ll work with each month’s charity to find a theme that suits their cause.

How much will the charity receive?

100% of the fee from each session is donated to that month’s charity, along with 25% of any subsequent print or canvas sales and 50% of any digital image sales. So, with an average mini session fee of £40, if we can get 10 sessions booked through the day that gives a total of £400 before we even start on any subsequent, add-on sales.

What will the charity have to do?

What's really important is that the charity helps us to promote the mini sessions to their supporters. Otherwise, the mini sessions might not be booked up: our own followers on social media are highly engaged but aren't always interested in supporting a particular charity. So to get the sessions booked, it's imperative that the charity uses their own contacts, social media and email list to get the word out.

Apart from that, the charity can be as involved as they want to be. We can discuss themes, but there's no other major tasks apart from getting the message out to the charity's supporters.

How does a charity enter?

Any registered charity can apply to take part in Fundraising Fridays, apart from political charities. We are also happy to consider good causes who are currently carrying out crowdfunding. Applicants will be picked from our competition trilby at random and unsuccessful entrants can opt to be included in the draws in future months. Simply complete the form below and we'll enter you into the next draw(s).

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