Frequently asked questions

Wedding FAQs

Which parts of our wedding will you photograph?

It's your choice! Instead of cheesy pose after cheesy pose, we have a relaxed, reportage style of photography. Then we throw in a few natural poses, if you wish, mostly because it's nice to have a small selection of slightly more formal images - and parents tend to like them! But we will make sure we capture everything you want us to, whether it's the ceremony or the socialising or decor details or getting ready or formal family poses.

Together, we create a list at your consultation, based on the number of hours you've asked for, and we'll make sure we work through it during the big day.

How long is your all day package?

This particular package starts with the bride getting ready (and the groom if you wish) and ends with your first dance.

How will you operate on the day?

Our relaxed style of photography means that we mostly blend into the background, capturing the spirit of your wedding without getting in the way. We'll spend time with you to get some special shots, but the amount of time we spend on the more formal poses is entirely up to you. We certainly won't frogmarch you around for hours!

Whatever package you choose, both Jane and Geoff will come to the wedding as having the two of us there makes extra sure that we capture everything and enables us to use extra equipment if needed. Plus we both love a good wedding and wouldn't be left back at the studio, no matter what!

We guarantee to arrive in plenty of time, we get on well with everyone and we make sure we dress in a neutral way so as to complement the look you've created.

How many images will I get?

That depends on how long you commission us for and your tolerance for being photographed. We don't present you with absolutely everything, because let's face it, most brides only want to see the flattering images of themselves, not the ones where their face went all a-wonk. (Guests are not so lucky; we're always on the look-out for comedy images, such as dads being daft and toddlers cutely misbehaving.)

Instead, we sort through the images and choose the best, most interesting images plus things (such as daft dads) that encapsulate your day.

How long will I have to wait for my images?

Not long! To make sure that we always provide great customer service, we only shoot a limited number of weddings each month. So we have an industry-leading turnaround time of 3-4 weeks, meaning that you won't have to wait months to see your pictures. Which is fab.

How will I receive my images?

We have a lovely viewing room at our studio in Llandudno, where your images are presented to you on our large screen HD TV, alongside a glass or two of fizz. Friends and family are welcome to come along.

You then receive your images in full resolution J-peg format, ready to share and print, on a special USB stick in a smart box.

If you live elsewhere and can't get to Llandudno, we'll upload your images to an online gallery, from which you can view and download all the pictures.

What about albums and wall art?

Our wall art is heirloom-quality, and we have a good choice of framed prints and canvases, plus some stunning aluminium wall panels. If you'd like to order anything from us, we can chat through this at your viewing and choose the best images and formats. See our price list here.

You can also capture your day with our beautiful albums You can choose from a range of contemporary and classic covers, along with a choice of sizes and duplicate album bundles. See our price list here.

What does the second photographer do?

The second photographer if you have one, usually Jane, is in charge of capturing extra angles and moments, given that even the best photographer in the world can't be everywhere all at once. This second pair of hands is also an opportunity to use extra equipment, to make sure you look your best.

What happens if you suddenly can't make the wedding?

We'll get to your wedding come hell or high water. Not letting anyone down is in our DNA. But obviously life can have other plans! We have two fully trained, experienced photographers in the business, which minimises risk, plus we have a network of other photographers who can take over if necessary.

Do I have to feed you?

Nope, you've probably spent enough money on feeding your wedding party already! If you commission us for four hours or longer, we take turns to take a short break for a healthy snack that we've brought from home, just to get out and about for a bit and refresh our brain cells. The one of us who’s not on a break stays near the wedding to make sure that we capture anything unexpected.




























Portrait FAQs

What happens at a photoshoot?

We work hard to make sure that every photoshoot is a relaxed and fun experience. First, if you're having your photoshoot at our studio, we'll make some tea or coffee, then chat through the kind of images you'd like.

You can get changed in our dressing room, if you wish, then we'll go through to the studio. Geoff will take the photographs and Jane will make sure that outfits are perfect and kids are happy.

A photoshoot can be quick (twenty minutes) or lengthy (two hours), depending on how happy everyone is at being photographed, and how many people are in the shoot.

Which package is best for a newborn baby photoshoot?

Babies, newborn and older, often need breaks in the session to be fed or changed. For that reason, we recommend our Silver package, which includes two hours of studio time.

When will I see my images?

Post-production editing is important to us. These are images to be passed on through the generations, so we want to make sure they look perfect. We therefore spend a lot of time after the photoshoot removing scuffed knees and cradle cap, whitening teeth or subtly softening facial lines. All this means that the images will be available for your viewing session a week after your photoshoot.

How will I get to see my images?

Our studio in Llandudno has a lovely viewing room, where you get to settle on the sofa and see your images on our large screen, high definition TV. You then get to choose which images you'd like, and if you wish, we can discuss framed artwork and canvases.

If you can't get to the studio, we will upload your images to an online gallery. This enables you to see all your images and download the ones you'd like to keep.

How many images will I get?

That depends entirely on you! We're happy to photograph you for as long as you'd like to be photographed for, within the constraints of the time you've paid for. Then we weed out and discard all the unsuitable images - such as where people's eyes have closed - in post-production.

If you would like to try lots of different outfits, or have lots of combinations of people to be photographed, we often have 30-40 perfected images for you to choose from. But if you want a single family portrait, with no changes, you might end up with 10 or so images to choose from.

How many people can your studio accomodate?

We welcome groups of up to six adults, plus as many kids as you can round up! If you have a larger group, we're happy to come to your house, hotel or favourite outdoor place to photograph you all. Our largest portrait to date is of 35 family members!

Can I bring friends and family to be photographed with me?

Absolutely! We're happy to photograph everyone in any combination you wish as part of your photoshoot, such as parent-child groups, groups of kids and people on their own.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, well-behaved animals are very welcome. Make sure you sign up for our email newsletter at the bottom of this page, as we like to do mini portrait sessions on behalf of animal charities.

What's the benefit of using the studio?

Our favourite thing about our studio is the spacious dressing room, which means that you can change outfits from, say, a casual look to a more formal one.

There's also access to our props, the soft, flattering lighting in our studio and, of course, a supply of tea, coffee, soft drinks and biscuits!

What props do you have?

In addition to a Christmas set, a Frozen set and a football stadium set, we have contemporary white and grey backgrounds. Then there's a vintage white brick background for an urban vibe, and a gold backdrop for added sparkle. We also use the floor length curtains in our dressing room for romantic maternity poses.

Babies are kept comfy on our specialist baby posing beanbag, and in our hand-woven willow basket. We don't believe in elaborate baby props; instead we keep our babies natural with a selection of cosy blankets, cute hats and pretty headbands in cream, pink and chocolate. Of course, baby's own blanket or favourite toy can be incoporated into the photoshoot too.

Kids are happiest with their own toys, musical instruments or hobbies, though they do love playing with our bubbles, while tweens go for our ornate picture frames and sparkly feather masks.

Just let us know before your photoshoot if there's anything specific you'd like to use.

Do you go on location?

Yes, and travel is free within 10 miles of our Llandudno studio (45p per mile after that). We love going on location, and so are happy to visit your home, hotel or favourite outdoor spot.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, and they're presented in a smart ribboned box so you have something to hand to the recipient. Click here to buy one.

There's also more information on our gift packages here.

Can I print out my images?

Absolutely. All our digital images are print-ready and are extremely high resolution, so you can print them to a very large size. Home printers aren't always the best quality, but if you don't want to buy artwork from us, retailers such as Boots and online printers such as Photobox are good options.

What type of prints do you supply?

Our wall art is heirloom-quality and is available in a good range of sizes and hand-crafted frames. We also provide top quality canvases and unusual items such as aluminium wall art. Because we strive for the perfect quality, we don't offer unframed or tiny (e.g. postcard size) prints. You can see our wall art price list here.

Is your studio accessible to disabled people?

We're on the first floor, up a flight of 14 stairs, so unfortunately we have limited accessibility. We're happy to come to you, though, or your favourite outdoor place.