Photography in Llangollen: Ideas for your own photoshoot

Earlier this month we carried out a photoshoot at the newly refurbished Mulberry Inn, near Llangollen in North Wales. Now that the project is finished, we thought we'd share a few of the ideas our photographer, Geoff Steen, used to create the Inn's portfolio of images. Perhaps you could ask your photographer to add some of these ideas to his or her shoot list.

Don't forget the details

The Mulberry Inn has lovely big bedrooms, but it also has a lot of quirky decor details and luxury touches. So Geoff took two approaches. Firstly, he took big shots of the rooms to emphasize their spaciousness and luxurious design:

Then he created a whole range of close-ups to show luxury amenities, quirky details and vintage one-off pieces. Notice how the ducks have been specially placed in a row to add more personality to the image:

Focus on the things that will attract your customers

Since the Mulberry is an inn, the bar area will be an important part of the customer's decision-making process when deciding whether or not to stay there. Geoff therefore spent a lot of time in the bar to create a portfolio of attractive images. He focused particularly on the things that will attract the Mulberry's target customer, such as the inn's cosy yet contemporary decor:


And the inn's selection of real ales:

Highlight what makes you special

One of the lovely things about the Mulberry Inn is its extensive gardens. Geoff's aim when photographing the gardens was to enable people viewing the inn's website to imagine sitting out there on a sunny day:

And the Inn's beautiful rural location was emphasised by a series of bucolic images of the surrounding hills and fields:

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