Photography on Anglesey: Ideas for your own photoshoot

Last month we conducted a photoshoot on Anglesey for Faun Trackway, a manufacturer of aluminum engineering products. Now that the project is complete, we thought we'd share a few of the ideas our photographer, Geoff Steen, used to make the photoshoot a successful one. Take a look and see if you could ask your own photographer to do something similar.

Smile please!

The staff at Faun Trackway are a lovely bunch, but like most people, they're not particularly keen on having their picture taken...

But see how everyone looks so cheery when Geoff asks them to wave...

Use details to add personality

Every organisation has something that makes them stand out from the crowd. In the case of this photoshoot, highlighting the Welsh names on these demonstrator models conveys something unique about the company.

Brighten up the day

As photographers in the UK, we're often faced with a situation where the weather isn't quite what it should be...

But there's always the opportunity for your photographer to add a blue sky in post-production, just like we've done here...

The new sky lifts the image without looking fake, while the clouds lend a subtle note of interest to the top of the building. It's worth finding out whether or not your photographer can do something similar, and how much it will cost. In our case, we tidy up images free-of-charge - in the grey sky image we spruced up the company's sign and tidied up the tarmac - but gave the client an additional, up-front quote for the more labour-intensive task of changing the sky.

For more information on how we can help with your project, take a look at the different types of commercial photography we carry out, or browse our portfolio.

Posted by: Jane

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