How to use festive images to drive more sales

The Christmas period is a crucial time for almost all consumer-facing businesses. Everything needs to work as hard as it can to attract customers, so the images you use can play an important part in boosting festive sales.

Here are some ideas...

Add Christmas to an Autumn/Winter photoshoot

Boden shot this image for the Autumn/Winter season, but the inclusion of the reindeer immediately makes the shot festive enough, despite the lack of snow, to be December's hero image on the home page of the Boden website. It evokes Boxing Day family walks, for which of course you need a Boden jumper or five (and yellow trousers, apparently). For your next photoshoot, can you add festive accessories (not necessarily reindeer-sized) so that you can create a Christmassy image to use later in the year?

Make Christmas gift guides Christmassy


The Biscuiteers create beautiful tins of handmade biscuits targeted at the gifting market. For their online Christmas gift guide, they've used snowy images instead of standard product shots to create a festive feel. This helps the browser visualise the tin in a present-giving context. While having every product photographed in festive style will probably be too onerous, try adding Christmas styling to a hero product, like the Biscuiteers have done above.

Decorate your website as well as your premises

Oddfellows is a boutique, 5-star hotel and restaurant in Chester. For Christmas they've prepared in advance, taken photographs of their Christmas decorations and made the images the centrepiece of their website. There's even snow falling gently across the screen. The hotel looks so festive, who wouldn't want to have their Christmas Do there?! If you've the resources, try adding Christmas decorations to your website, perhaps to your logo, your background or your main images. And if you run a Wordpress website, there are plenty of plugins to mimic snowfall.

Give your blog a festive theme

Waitrose have gathered all the Christmas content together on their website in a dedicated place. If your blog has Christmas craft ideas, recipes, tips or anything else festive, consider using a graphic on your home page, like the one above, to lead browsers to a special Christmas area. The more that potential consumers are exposed to your festive content, the greater the opportunity for sharing on social media and building your brand as a destination for Christmas ideas and - ultimately - Christmas shopping.

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Posted by: Jane

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