What to expect at a photoshoot: A guide for clients

For many businesses, having a professional photographer conduct a photoshoot at your premises isn’t an everyday occurrence.  Hopefully you’ve already had a chat with the photographer and established a connection, but an extra bit of reassurance never goes amiss, so here’s where we hope we can help.  This article is based on our own procedures, and other photographers may differ, but this should give you an idea of what will happen at the shoot.


Depending on the job, the photographer will bring a camera, a selection of lenses, a tripod, a set of lights and a multitude of bits and bobs.  So providing the opportunity to park close by is a kindness!  Whether or not an assistant also comes along to help out with equipment or styling will depend on the job and on the firm you choose to carry out the shoot.  If you have requested professional models for the shoot, they will arrive at the allotted time, usually when the photographer arrives.  The models will need a room in which to get changed, with good lighting and a mirror, and access to a bathroom.

If he or she hasn’t visited you already, the photographer will ask to be shown around the area you’ve arranged to have photographed.  This is a good opportunity for you both to talk through your requirements, so make sure you point out any particular features that you’d like included in the shoot.

During the photoshoot

You know what?  Unless you or your staff are being photographed, it’s perfectly fine to leave the photographer alone to get on with it!  The photographer has to set up his or her equipment, get the lighting right and think about the angles, so being given the mental space in which to do this will be much appreciated.  It’s a good idea, though, to let the photographer know where to find you in case of any queries.

The length of the shoot will of course depend heavily on what’s being photographed.  As a rule of thumb for property photography (our speciality), expect a photographer to spend thirty minutes to an hour per room.  We allocate half a day to photograph a holiday home or guest house, and up to a day for larger premises.

After the photoshoot

This is where the work continues! We estimate that, for every hour we spend at the shoot, we spend at least twice that perfecting the images in the editing suite.  (We are a little bit perfectionist, so other photographers may differ.)  So don’t forget, you’re likely to be getting a lot of unseen value from your photographer!  We usually allow five working days for editing, though of course we can go faster if you have a tight deadline.

While you may see your photographer taking a multitude of images at the shoot, many of these will be similar angles as he or she experiments with what works best in your particular environment.  Part of the editing process will be to whittle these images down to a manageable selection for you to approve.  So don’t necessarily expect to get hundreds of images, and –trust us – you really wouldn’t want the job of sorting through them all!  But if you do want all the files, that’s fine too – just ask your photographer.

Once the images are ready, most photographers will provide them on disk, on memory stick or via a secure area of their website.  We like to present the images in person, particularly with new customers, so that we can talk through each image and make sure that the client is entirely happy.  Most commercial photographers will let you have all the edited images – you don’t have to pick out a shortlist in the way that customers do for portrait photography.

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About us: We offer creative and cost-effective commercial photography in North Wales.  Geoff Steen, our photographer, specialises in interiors, exteriors and corporate photography.  He has clients across North and Mid Wales, Cheshire, Merseyside and Manchester.  Find out more by visiting our commercial photography pages.

Posted by: Jane

Image via www.freedigitalphotos.net