6 great examples of how hotels use photography on their websites

Images are an integral part of a website, and can make a website (and the hotel it represents) look exceptional.  But how do you choose the best images for your business? Here are six examples of hotels whose images do a great job.

Lifestyle magic: 60 Thompson, New York



There are certain things technically wrong with the images on 60 Thompson’s website. But we don’t think it matters, because they capture the feel of the hotel perfectly. Operating at a level which is all about lifestyle, the hotel’s home page showcases an image which perfectly encapsulates summer in New York City.

Using a model brings life to the image, while the view and the sunbeam are quintessentially NYC in the summer months. The image is particularly clever because only the back of the model is visible, enabling the viewer to put him or herself in the model’s place.   It’s also a perfect reminder of the hotel’s beautiful roof terrace. 

Click here to visit 60 Thompson’s website (the images appear in rotation, so look out for the one with the model photographed from the back).

Things to think about: Don’t be afraid to break the rules, if the finished result provides the perfect reason for people to stay at your property.

Decor focus: Escape Boutique B&B, Llandudno


Escape positions itself as a stylish, contemporary place to stay, a positioning reflected in the individual, eclectic décor in each of its nine rooms.  Escape’s website accordingly showcases the style and decorative details in every room, such as luxury shower heads, stylish retro furniture and relaxed seating areas.  The look and feel of each room is abundantly clear, enabling the viewer to choose his or her own perfect room and illustrating what makes Escape different to the other guest houses in the area.

Click here to visit Escape’s website.  (Disclosure: we've photographed Escape.)

Things to think about: What makes your hotel or guest house special?  It could be your cosiness, your views or your pets.  Whatever your point of difference, make sure that there’s images to reflect this on your website.  You might find our guide specifically for hotels and guest houses useful: Things to ask your photographer to include in a photoshoot.

Going large: Hotel Tresanton, Cornwall


We’re not massively keen on the Hotel Tresanton’s website, but one thing we do like is the use of a large image on the home page.  If your rooms are lovely, like the Tresanton’s, then there’s no better way to entice potential guests than showcasing the property in this way.  Do bear in mind, though, that the images – and the subject of those images - should be top-notch in terms of resolution and quality.

Click here to visit Hotel Tresanton’s website.

Things to think about: For your next website design, identify any aspects of your hotel that stand up to close scrutiny. Then ask your web designer to make them the hero of the website.

Show all the extras: The Drunken Duck Inn, Ambleside


The Drunken Duck is another property which makes great use of large images.  But the Duck goes one step further by including all the things that make a stay at the Duck special: home-made duck biscuits, a seat by the tarn, morning coffee delivered to your room…the list goes on.  And the way that these items are photographed – as close-up vignettes – provides a nice contrast to the conventional main images of the rooms.

Click here to visit the Drunken Duck’s website.

Things to think about: We all know that a picture says more than any words, so do you have images of every extra you offer? And everything that makes it special? Showing these can help to differentiate your business from your competitors.

Switch on the cosiness: Hôtel du Jeu de Paume, Paris


Hôtel du Jeu de Paume is a small hotel, tucked away on the Ile Saint Louis.  It is an old building full of wooden beams and that, coupled with its size, makes it an ideal candidate for a spot of what we call the cosiness treatment.

Natural wood, warm colours and plenty of images of lamps, fires and warmly-lit areas…it all creates a cosy, inviting effect.   The Hôtel du Jeu de Paume shows its interior with lights on, lamps in the foreground and plenty of reflective surfaces.

Click here to visit the hotel’s website.

Things to think about: You may not be the largest hotel, or the most contemporary, so can you communicate cosiness instead?  Lighting is a technically more difficult thing to photograph, so this is one area where we really do advise hiring a professional photographer with experience in creating these kinds of images.

Maximum personality: Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton


Well, it may not be to everyone’s taste, but Hotel Pelirocco has a very definite target audience and they’re aiming straight at it with their photography.  A procession of weird and wonderful images on the website’s home page firmly positions the hotel as a place for rock’n’rollers.  Hipsters, music lovers, plenty of alcohol...the images chosen really do encapsulate the hotel’s brand.  Even the token room shot includes a pole dancer.

Click here to visit the Pelirocco’s website.

Thinks to think about: Do you have a particular target audience in mind?  Think beyond images of your rooms and depict what your target really wants from their visit. It’s often not just about nice rooms – it’s about the whole experience and the images on your website can reflect that.

Posted by: Jane

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