4 of the best photographers in North Wales

Looking for a photographer in North Wales?  We see a lot of photographers’ work on a daily basis, so here is a round-up of our own personal favourites.  We’ve excluded our own photographer, Geoff Steen, although of course we love him most of all :-).

Number 7 by Roj Smith

Number 7 by Roj Smith

Roj Smith (landscapes)

Roj’s landscape photographs are truly beautiful.  His work has great depth and drama, driven by changing light, weather and sky.  In particular, his black-and-white photography is highly atmospheric.   Click here to visit Roj’s website.

Darryl Lonsbrough (landscapes)

Originally from North Wales but apparently living elsewhere, Darryl Lonsbrough has nevertheless been included in our selection for the quality of his landscape work of the region.  In particular, we love his ‘Along the Line’ series, which provides an unusual, almost eerie depiction of the North Wales coast.  Click here to take a look at the ‘Along the Line’ book.

John Rowell (landscapes and weddings)

We first met John at the Snowdonia Arts Festival, and were struck by his enthusiasm and willingness to share knowledge.  In addition to creating beautiful landscapes, John lectures, publishes books and photographs weddings.  Click here to visit John’s website.

Michael Potts (wildlife)

An ex-BBC cameraman, Michael is based in North Wales and takes beautiful images of wildlife and landscapes.  In addition to travelling the world to photograph wildlife, Michael also runs workshops on field craft and techniques.  Click here to visit his website.

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