16 things to ask your photographer to include in a photoshoot: A guide for hotels and guest houses

Whether you’ve hired a professional photographer or are taking photographs yourself, you want to get the most from your time and money.  So, based on all the photoshoots we’ve conducted, here are some ideas for you to get comprehensive a coverage of your premises.

Photographing bedrooms

It’s always a good idea to include a standard shot of the whole room (or as much as can be squeezed in).  After all, people like to know what they’re getting for their money, whether they’re making a booking online or browsing a brochure.  But you can create a real sense of atmosphere and cosiness by taking photographs which focus on:

  • The head of the bed, focusing on fluffy pillows and comfy cushions.  Make the bed look like something that you just want to dive into!
  • A seating area (if you have one) so that potential customers can imagine themselves relaxing in their room.
  • The view from the window, if it’s appealing, preferably framed by the curtains or window frame so that  it’s obvious that the view belongs to that particular room.
  • Any attractive architectural or decorative details: don’t underestimate the potential glamour of elaborate light fittings, or the cosiness of an warm bedside lamp (switched on of course!).

Photographing restaurants, dining rooms, bar areas and receptions

The guidelines for public rooms are similar to those for bedrooms, not forgetting an expansive room shot and any architectural features.  Again, details can add atmosphere:

  • Pick your most attractive seating area and create a close-up vignette.  This enables potential customers to imagine themselves whiling away the evening on your plump      sofas and comfortable chairs.
  • If you have attractive table arrangements in your restaurant or dining room, make a feature of them by photographing them close-up.  Winking lights on wine glasses or a   pleasing breakfast setting can be very evocative.
  • A dinner menu can look appealing, resting casually on a dining table.  Photograph the cover or the open pages.  Food photography is a specialist skill, so we wouldn’t recommend including hot food unless you or the photographer have the expertise.
  • Do you serve homemade jam at breakfast or make your own bread?  There couldn’t be anything nicer, so create some close-ups of your preserve pots and a cut loaf of bread.
  • Sell an evening in your bar with pictures of your cocktails, wine cellar or an ice bucket of champagne.  Top tip: you can create an acceptable glass of fizz, without opening the bottle, by using soda water and a drop or two of Angostura bitters.

Photographing exteriors

Remember, sunshine and blue skies can make all the difference!  As well as a conventional shot of the exterior of the building (try to take it when there’s no cars parked outside), take a look at what else is around:

  • Is there a seating area, an arbour or bench?  Photographing this closer up will enable customers to imagine sitting in the sunshine, or enjoying an alfresco glass of wine      in the evening.
  • Do you have an attractive tree that you can use to frame a shot of the garden?
  • Are your pots or hanging baskets particularly spectacular?  Or do you have a host of daffodils each spring?  An image of these will look attractive on your website or in a brochure.
  • Try taking a shot of your most attractive facade while you’re standing at its base.  Shooting upwards at a steep angle can look both professional and a little bit funky.
  • Don’t forget the view from your property, if the vista from the back garden, the veranda or the street is an appealing one.
  • Try taking a photograph through a window to capture a cosy night-time view of your bar, dining room or lounge.
  • If you’re located on a farm, don’t forget to include some animal models!

We hope that this has given you some ideas for your photoshoot.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 07925 679724 or hello@northshoreonline.net if we can help in any way.

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Posted by: Jane

Image via www.freedigitalphotos.net