5 interesting pictures from 1913

1913 was a year of tumultuous change, as much of the world perched on the cusp between old and new. While it's nearly Christmas and time to reflect on the past, we thought we'd take a pictorial look at what was happening a hundred years ago.

The world goes tango crazy

Tango fever swept Europe in 1913.  The Wardorf Hotel began tango teas, following the lead of grand hotels in Paris, and Selfridges held a tango ball. The dance wasn't considered altogether 'proper': it's claimed that women in Paris abandoned their corsets to be able to perform the dance properly; and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany banned his officers from dancing the tango while in uniform.

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A premature celebration in Russia

The grand image above (click here for the source) shows the height of celebrations in Moscow to mark 300 years of the Romanov dynasty coming to the Russian throne. Just three years later, in 1917, the family were deposed during the Russian Revolution.

Phew! Wot a scorcher!

1913 saw a prolonged heatwave in the UK, as these gents, photographed on a park bench in July of that year, can testify.  The heatwave sparked legends about the glorious end of the Edwardian era, before World War I swept much of the past away.

The Suffragette Summer Festival

This image, from the Woman and Her Sphere blog, shows Suffragettes advertising their Summer Festival, which was held in London on 3 June 1913.  The event was attended by Emily Davison who, just a day later, threw herself under the King's horse at the Epsom Derby.

A contentious launch

May 1913 saw the debut in Paris of The Rite of Spring, a ballet by the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky.  The image above shows the production design for the new performance. The music and dancing were perceived to be so bizarre and cacophonous that the audience begun to riot. Read more on Wikipedia.