How to use photographs to attract more customers

Although the economy is starting to stagger back into life, things remain tough and we find that we're working harder than ever to grow our business.  In conditions like these, it makes sense to ensure that everything in your sales and marketing armoury is working as hard as it can. Here's how photography can help.

Display your added extras

Things lodge far better in people's brains if they see something instead of being told about it.  So make sure that all your added value extras are nicely photographed and placed in a suitably high profile place.  If you're a hotel or guest house, include images of the extras you offer, such as champagne or chocolates, on your website. A retailer or service company with a loyalty scheme, such as a free haircare product after six haircuts, could add an image of their loyalty card to their website's homepage. 

For example:


Its loyalty and gift cards are clearly important to Costa Coffee.  Not only are they featured on their website's home page, but each section is accompanied by an image of the relevant card.  Why tell when you can show?

Display what's special about you

It might be your cheery delivery drivers, or it could be the homemade jam you offer your B&B guests at breakfast.  Whatever differentiates you from your competitors or helps create a great customer experience, make sure that it's highly visible in your marketing materials. You can tell potential customers that your wedding venue has wonderful views, but highlighting them on your website is even better.

For example:


In addition to a wonderful breakfast, Gosby House Inn is distinguished by the free wine and nibbles offered to guests in the afternoon.  So what better way to depict such a treat than the giant photograph of wine being poured at the top of this web page?

Spotlight your employees

Often a business's staff are its greatest asset, and using employee images can often bring a business to life.  (And no, we don't mean cheesy stock photos of smiley models sporting call centre headsets.)  People are interested in people, and showing off your staff - including the business's leaders - really resonates and can help potential customers feel a connection with your business.  Alternatively, if your organisation has a real hero, business-wise or otherwise, make a picture of them a feature of your website.

For example: 


Dawn and Rachel are familiar to anyone who's dealt with Outperform Training.  As the company's trainers, they are pivotal to the success of the business and contribute a heap of personality to their training courses.  And they are also at the centre of the company's website, which is expertly designed by Kate Watkiss.

Build a brand

As our sister business, North Shore Marketing, can testify, creating a brand means that you are more attractive to potential customers and are no longer dependent on price.  (Just ask Apple.)  But to do so, you need strong, resonant images that encapsulate what your business is all about.  Photography can be used on your website and in sales and marketing materials to make you look approachable, cool, elegant, traditional - whatever resonates with your target audience.  A picture speaks a thousand words, so using photographs which depict your business's personality are an ideal shortcut to creating a brand.

For example:


Plenty of businesses sell toiletries, but few have the impact of Captain Bathtime.  In addition to the product photography you'd expect, the Captain Bathtime website, designed by Curlykale, uses retro style photographs to build a very different kind of brand.

We hope that this has given you some ideas for how photography can help to optimise your sales and marketing.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 07925 679724 or by email if we can help in any way.

Posted by: Jane

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