How four North Wales organisations use images to create a premium brand


Enochs Fish & Chips

Courtesy of View Creative, Enochs fish and chip shop in Llandudno Junction already has a head-start with its very strong branding.  And the company’s quirky, salty-old-seadog brand is reflected throughout its website.  A stylised image of a fisherman reflects provenance, while a background image of Penmon Lighthouse and Puffin Island anchors the company firmly in North Wales.  An old-fashioned submarine adds quirkiness, while blackboards and weathered wood create a handmade feel.  The images all tie together to create a local, crafted brand with provenance, everything a premium chippy needs.

Things to think about: Is ‘local’ important to your business?  Can you add local touches to the images you use on your website? Or are your products hand-crafted?  Can your designer use visual cues such as natural materials and artisan touches to reinforce this?


Drew Pritchard

Architectural antiques dealer Drew Pritchard has a stunning website that's all about images. The simple design showcases the company's products and at the same time creates a sophisticated and contemporary feel.  The image on the seasonal page does a great job in highlighting the latest finds, while the photography on the product pages uses a simple background painted in on-trend colours.  The overall effect is to make the company's products the heroes of the website.  We also love the little dog icon, which makes the design friendly and not too bare.

Things to think about: Do you have amazing products?  If so, these can showcase your business beautifully if they're photographed in the right way.  


Llandudno Arts Weekend

Arguably the main visual focus of LLAWN01, the inaugral Llandudno Arts Weekend, are the time travellers, a Victorian couple who got lost in the 1970s and ended up with disco balls for heads. Loved by adults and children alike, the time travellers became LLAWN01's brand icons and were replicated on posters and programmes.  In addition to reinforcing the time travellers as an instantly recogmisable emblem, the designers also used a strong pink in all marketing materials, creating a contemporary and eye-catching identity.  Finally, the website uses simple, spare images of the festival's performers to communicate the contemporary nature of the Weekend.  This is enhanced by the fashionable muted tone of the photographs.

Things to think about: Do you have a strong icon that can be used to help build a brand?  Can that icon be replicated on your website and across all your marketing materials?



In addition to running one of the coolest guest houses we've ever stayed in, Seld's owners also have a gorgeous online shop.  Running through the website is a Welsh blanket motif, which reflects the local provenance of the merchandise.  What's crucial, though, is that the motif has a spare design to create a contemporary look.  Products are photographed against simple, modern backgrounds, and all the company's marketing materials have a strong but muted colour palette.

Things to think about: Your products may be traditional, but can you appeal to the tastes of today's buyers by presenting them in a modern way?

We hope that this has given you some ideas for developing your imagery.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 07925 679724 or by email if we can help in any way.

Posted by: Jane

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