Wedding photography just outside Llanwrst

Rachael and James were married at the Gwenfrewi Project in the hamlet of Gwytherin, near Llanwrst. You might be wondering where this and, indeed, we were too, but it’s a venue that’s well worth exploring. Nestled in the hills outside Llanwrst, the Gwenfrewi Project is based in the former St Winifred's Church.

Gwytherin is an adorable hamlet eight miles from Llanwrst with a pub, the former church, a cute village green and the sprucest public loos we’ve ever seen. The Project itself is in the heart of the village and it provides a wedding venue that’s quirky and atmospheric, while being modern and ancient all at the same time. We’d really recommend putting it on your shortlist if you’re looking for somewhere a bit different.

Our female photographer, Jane, is into history and became quite dizzy with excitement as the venue owner showed us around. The churchyard has yew trees that are 3,000 years old! And there are Bronze Age carved stones in the ground! And Medieval stonework in the chapel! Amazing!!! But at the same time, the venue has a contemporary feel, with simple oak seating and beautiful use of a felled yew tree around the chapel entrance. This combination of old and new gives the chapel a special feel that’s perfect for wedding photography.

The country-style wedding of Rachael and James reflected the venue’s character perfectly. The day was modern in its simplicity, with a relaxed country vibe.

The pictures are brilliant, you’ve made us look really photogenic! They’re brilliant, thank you.
— Rachael and James, married at Gwytherin near Llanwrst

The first photographs in our schedule were of the guests arriving and waiting for the bride:

Then the bride arrived! We were asked to stay at the back of the chapel, which is no hardship when the venue is so photogenic. Here are just some of the images we captured:

After leaving the ceremony, the newlyweds paused in the chapel entrance for a few moments alone.

Here you can see exactly why you should consider hiring two photographers. Jane was able to capture the moment from inside the chapel, while Geoff, who’d hot-footed it outside to photograph the couple leaving the chapel, was able to photograph them from the chapel grounds:

We love taking a step backwards and photographing the congratulations. After this, we took images of the family and friendship groups. Here are a couple of examples:

Once everyone’s had a chance to relax, it’s usually a good time to photograph the couple on their own. We’d planned to photograph Rachael and James on the hill behind the chapel, but as it was raining they wisely decided to stay within the chapel grounds. The drizzle actually gave us soft, romantic light and lovely vibrant greens. Here are a few of the photographs:

Notice how Geoff has taken to lurking among the foliage! We’ll have to keep an eye on him…

In the images you can also see how the couple used dried flowers very effectively. The lavender and, um, yellow things added brightness and colour, while we love how twine was used to add a country vibe.

That it was a lovely wedding is down to Rachael and James being a lovely couple. But we feel that the Gwenfrewi Project played its part too. It’s certainly a beautiful venue for wedding photography.